Sunday, June 5, 2011

And the point of it all.....

You know, all thoughts really keep coming around to this point: When? When to chop? I think about this several times a day.

This past Saturday, another tic went in the column for 'waiting'. My husband has accepted a position with a University. Currently, I've been in conversation with the dean and HR at said university regarding securing employment for myself. It's not cut and dry but there is a good possibility that I might be able to get a position there. What that position will be is the question.

So I've been thinking about interviewing with a TWA. I've seen a couple discussions online about this but how do I feel about it? right now I'm not sure. My feelings are mixed. I certainly have a part of me that says 'If they can't accept a TWA then it's not the place for me to work'. I do indeed feel that way. I also feel that 'in this economy, I need to secure a job. I dont need any distractions to the employer as I'm being interviewed'. Clearly these two feelings don't reconcile.

Should I hold off on the chop while I interview for jobs? What harm will waiting longer do? Wasn't that my original plan anyway before I got anxious and antsy and started consuming dozens of Youtube videos a day? Will eyebrows be raised if after I secure the job and then chop? One thing I do know is I will not be straightening my hair for the interview. I would wear it in a Bantu Knot Out since that's the set I currently do best. Here is my hair in a fresh bantu knot out:

I would stick with a black headband. I won't wear studs but I won't wear large earrings either. I have a small pair of earrings that drop down no more than an inch that were given to me by a Secret Santa some years ago.

If I'm rocking a TWA, I have no idea what I'd do with it, lol. Most tips for a TWA get into accessorizing and an interview isnt really the time to roll in with your peacock feathered headband. I'd probably wear a simple black headband, the slimmest one I could find. Right now when I wet my hair to check out its curl pattern then stretch it out, it shrinks back 50%. So even if I've got a solid 3/4 inches when I will probably still look like 1/2 inches of hair....unless twisting it will stretch it out for me.

Shoot, typing it out, knowing that I've never had very short hair and knowing that the reason I wanted to transition for a long time is so I wouldnt have to rock a TWA then maybe I should hold off and not chop til after a job has been secured. Then I'm not concerned about my confidence regarding my hair since I'm usually a ball of nerves in an interview anyway.

On the flip, isn't it JUST hair? Am I letting possible job interviews that I dont currently have determine what I do with my hair next week? Next month? That doesnt seem to make sense. Or...does it?

I dont know.

In the meantime, I've got an important appointment Monday morning. I plan to wear my hair in a Bantu Knot Out with a headband.

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