Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still yet holding on......

10 MONTHS. I hit my milestone back on Monday.

Washed my hair yesterday and pulled out the ruler which I had not used since the first week of August. In various areas on my head I seem to be measuring at 3.5"-4".

I've been finger detangling more than comb detangling. I'm not sure yet which method is better for me.....I think fingers may be better only if I'm thorough. the last few times I've been kinda lazy so yesterday when I went to set my hair in flat twist I ran across multiple knots which slowed me down considerably. I lost hair bc my hair was drying and I'd gotten frustrated with the knots and pulled out a comb. I know I've got to be patient with my hair. I know I shouldn't comb it dry. But when I'm aggravated I forget that stuff.

I'm entertaining the idea of a trim....actually, a cut. I'm thinking of taking off half of the relaxed ends on the top layers. That's always been the longest hair since I started with an inverted bob. Thruout the summer I've haphazardly cut at this hair here and there. This time I'm thinking of cutting at least 2 inches. Possibly 3. I've got two parties this week so I'll be waiting until after those. My thoughts are to get rid of the bulk of the length to adjust to shorter hair. The added benefit would hopefully be easier detangling.

My hair has been drier and I believe that's bc I've been exercising and the sweat is killing my hair. I haven't exercised in 10 days now. Will have to get back on that tomorrow. I know there are lots of articles out there about exercising and natural hair. Unsure if I've seen anything regarding transitioning hair. Thankfully, less than 2 months left of this and then I can rinse/wash my hair as often as I want.

I feel ready. I'm not thrilled with how short my hair will be with shrinkage but I know with time it will grow.

I've started crotcheting some slouchy tams for my hair. I've been wearing them over my bantu knots while running errands versus taking my hair down everytime I leave the house. I'm making them in several colors so I can wear them with as many outfits as possible. The crotcheting is also giving me something to do aside from clean which is a great sanity saver. The only issue is my shoulder has gotten very sore from all the work so I've had to take a few days off.

I've got a liquor and dessert party tonite. I have to redo the flat twist on the back of my head bc they've gone wonky.

Until next time......