Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is that it?

Morning Morning....

whew....i am NOT feeling it today. not in the least. ergo the blogging.

primarily what's on my mind is the braid out I did Saturday night. I wore it to church Sunday. Rocked it on Memorial Day. I took a nap on Monday evening and i just put a satin bonnet on it while I was sleeping. Took that off and it looked a bit fuzzy. That night I rebraided my hair, used my Tea Tree Tingle conditioner and sealed with castor oil. Pretty much reset the style. Tuesday, I wore the braid out to work but it was definitely lacking shine. In fact it was certifiably dull. I'm wondering if the use of the conditioner contributed to that. by the end of the day I was not feeling my hair at all but I got home late and didn't feel like washing my hair....

Gah! regimin already derailed....was supposed to try cowashing it Tuesday night.

So today, it's wrapped under a brown scarf. Originally was going to wear a hat but the hat just wasn't playing well with the Olive jacket and Brown skirt I'm wearing today. so scarf it is.

3 that all I can expect from my transitioning hair? surely not....i think i messed up using the conditioner to retwist. I probably should have just spritzed with a little water to reactivate what was already in my hair.

I have no photos of my braid out after the fuzz and dull attacked. let it be known that it wasn't a good look.

Last night after I said that I didnt feel like cowashing my hair, my husband asked me how often do I need to wash it. Man, I have no idea. I think my scalp would prefer 3-4 days. At the end of the day yesterday I started to feel a bit itchy so I applied my scalp healer last night before throwing on my bonnet.

Tonight I will try to cowash. I'm on the fence as to whether I should use vinegar or not. If I use vinegar, will still be considered a cowash? I think the castor oil may need some help getting washed my hair is dull, dull, dull so clarifying seems smart. But I dont want to dry out my hair and scalp......we'll see.

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