Sunday, June 5, 2011

Coils Maybe?

This is another musing on my natural texture.....

I have spent most of the day with my left hand playing in my roots. The thickness of it. I can feel coils all throughout. Every since I stopped using the heat, it seems that my roots are reverting more and more. When I wash my hair, the back and middle of my head especially seems to erupt in super defined coils. I can feel them under my finger under the water. But I can't SEE them. I'm limited to what I can inspect after my shower in the front and sides of my head. I'm not certain but it seems that some definition is lost as my hair dries....

I'm hoping what I'm feeling is giving me some inclination toward what my hair is like. Though I have read in multiple places that your hair changes so much within the first month, 6 months, and year of being 100% natural.

There is the 'shock' that your natural hair experiences after the Big Chop. Many report very very dry hair afterwards. There is mention of 'crispy ends'. I'm sooo glad to know this. Knowing that this is a common experience will keep me from panicking after I chop. I feel confident that I'm in this for the long haul. I do not think uncoopertaive hair will drive me to the crack within the first 30 days. If I can't figure it out and I'm too baffled, I'll just get some kinky twists put in and deal with my hair later.

Whatever is going on up there, I want to embrace it. Truly. I want to learn to love with it. Accept it.

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