Friday, June 10, 2011

It's a Wrap....

My hair was no better this morning. I got home last night about 10:30. Jumped in the shower. Then mixed up some additional jojoba oil and tea tree oil in my scalp spritz. Got in at the roots with that, massaged, pineappled (for what? i have no idea) and then off to bed.

I got an abandoned bird's nest this morning. At least the nest was habitable yesterday.

I planned to wear a hat but didn't like the way my black and white checkered hat looked with my graphic floral blouse. So black wrap it was.

The Results:

This is my lazy look. Thank heaven for my glasses or I would have looked completely blah. Days like this I dare not wear my contacts. I prefer something of interest going on around the face-if it's not colorful eyes, it's a bold the glasses are really making the look today!

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