Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hair characterized......

I'd like to thank God for the So Fine Series posted on CurlyNikki by Cassidy of Natural Selection

Finally, I have a condensed set of articles that point me in the direction of best characterizing my hair so that I can figure out how I should be treating it for maximum health.

What have I determined for sure?

Fine. Definitely Fine.
Normal to high porosity.
Thin to Medium density.

Current issue: Occassional frizz. Possibly due to using a Glycerine mix as my moisturizing spritz. If I'm indeed highly porous this is a major no-no. But I'm not sure if I'm genuinely highly porous or if just my relaxed hair may be. I need to do the test on naked hair. When I wash my hair again I'll redo the water test.

I haven't bought any new products but I'm switching around a bit with the products I DO have. I've read that consistency is key when it comes to your hair regimen. But I'm also looking for great results so I can stick with what combo of products give that to me. So far, my hair loves that argon oil hair masque I did. I'll definitely be getting more of that. It seems to like deep conditioning, so I've kept that up. I deep condition 2x a week now. My hair really likes to be sealed with castor oil. That really locks the moisture in my strands but it seems so heavy, so I went back to try the MegaGrowth Oil I have from Protectiv. I'm still not impressed with it so last night I pulled out some olive oil, which I'd been ignoring bc I used it years ago on my relaxed hair but was also never impressed. Perhaps it would be different on my transitioning hair. (are my standards too high? Am I difficult to impress? lol....)I've also been experimenting with how I moisturize my hair bc that clearly needs addressing and no point in waiting until my hair dries out completely and catches fire in the sun.

So last night, I mixed about equal parts aloe vera gel and Kinky Kurly Knot Today. Applied that to sections and sealed with olive oil before twisting and re-setting into my bantu knots. This morning my hair is indeed soft. It has sheen which makes me very happy bc I've been bummed at how dull my hair has been looking. I'm still adjusting to the constantly poofy edges so for them to be dull too has been disheartening. If olive oil will help me avoid this I will happily stick with it! At least for the next wash or

What else have I been sticking with?

I do wash my hair about 2x a week. Sometimes the stretch between washes is kinda long (6 days one time) but I'm getting it done. I do not plan to make it a habit of long stretches. My schedule is a bit hectic right now so I'm getting it in when I can.

I'm only detangling in the shower while I have conditioner in my hair.

I'm only combing my hair when it's wet. Which is only on wash days so the amount of combing has significantly decreased. I finger style my hair daily and if I run across a tangle that's effecting the way I want to style my hair I'll pull it apart gently.

I've always been faithful to wearing a scarf or satin bonnet but I will list that here as well so i can feel accomplished.

I've been doing great with taking my vitamins nightly. I've been taking a Prenatal vitamin since March. At some point I started to regularly take my Fish Oil capsules-end of March maybe.... Then on June 7th or was that May 31st? Either way it was a Tuesday, I began to take Biotin supplements. 1000 mcg. I'm trying to be more conscientous about getting more water in my body for several reasons. So the fact that it will help my hair is a bonus!

I'm not using grease on my scalp and my scalp is doing great! I mist it every other day with my spritzer. This past week I've been slack with applying my Scalp Healer oil. In fact, I haven't at all. I usually cowash on Wednesdays but due to travel this weekend, I'll stretch it til Thursday and apply my Scalp Healer then.

I'm all over the place today but I wanted to post. since i haven't shared this blog with anyone yet, it'll be ok, lol...I got some of those old drafts out and they posted in the order in which they were written...just need to go back and upload a few missing pics.

I still haven't made a choice as to whether I want to go public with my blog or not. I'd like to find a transition partner but haven't put in the time to scour the boards looking for one. I get so overwhelmed on fokti. I haven't figured out how to filter thru tags well enough to not have 500 results....then with the move coming up there is just sooo much going on.

Oh well...the important thing for now is for me to have patience. Document my process and progress and keep pushing forward.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Compare and Contrast....

Man...I'm behind in my posting. I've got some stale drafts that I need to upload the pictures into and then get those posted.

So I washed my hair on Sunday evening. I don't like this timing bc I'd prefer to have fresh hair for church but I can only co-wash my hair on Wednesdays and Saturday just seems too soon after that. Anyway, I followed the process I did last time with exception of the deep conditioner I used. Instead of the Hydrating Masque with Argon Oil, I did Silk Effects Intensive Moisturizing Conditioning Treatment. Everything else remained the same. Including setting my hair in Bantu Knots.

The verdict: I do believe the deep conditioner plays a heavy role here. Though my hair is soft and I have less frizz, it's just not as awesome as it was last wash. Soooo, I'm gonna use up this Silk Effects, bc I dont want to waste it (although it was free) and then go back and purchase a full size (if they have one) of the Hydrating Masque. I'm being very, very generous with the Silk Effects so hopefully I'll be done with it by the end of July.

Pictures of Day 2 hair:

I finally managed to set my bantu knots so that I could style my hair with some bangs. I finally twisted the front knots forward instead of backwards. All those hours worth of YouTube finally paying off.....

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I just had my best hair day yet while transitioning!

Wednesday night, I washed hair with Tea Tree Tingle; detangled with Tea Tree Tingle. Deep Conditioned with Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Masque (It's not on the site yet, I was told it was new. Here is a link to the regular conditioner.) under my new Heat Therapy Wrap for about 45 mins. Applied Kinky Curly Knot Today (KKKT). Used Lustrasilk setting lotion (the one I hate) and sealed with castor oil. Set hair in bantu knots. hair is soooo soft today. Easily the softest it's been since I began transitioning. My hair wasnt quite dry this morning so I had to use the blow dryer.:( The top curls/knots which are my longest layers are not as curly as I'd like but, I've got good definition and most of all my hair is not FRIZZY. This is pretty major. I had accepted that frizz was just part of the program as I transition. I'd even went as far as to characterize my natural hair, especially in the center below the crown, as frizzy.

Also, Also, when I applied the KKKT my roots exploded with definition. Small corkscrews of varying size were all over. They range from penspring to slightly smaller than a pencil. Previously I thought I had about 50% shrinkage....I think I'll go further with that and peg me anywhere between 60-70%. If I leave my roots alone, they shrink nice and tight up on themselves. The definition was definitely lost as my hair air dried. So I better understand the need to put something on the hair, like a gel or something to maintain the defined look but I dont know about the shrinkage. I dont know how I'm going to get the hair stretched AND maintain my natural definition.

So where are the pictures? Blah, Blah, Blah with all the words..LET ME SEEEEEEEEE:

The few pics I shot of the front view looked goofy. After I got to work,I realized I needed to use bobby pins to shape the front top a bit but never did...bc...frankly I was lazy and didn't feel like going down the hall to the bathroom just to deal with my hair.

Now, I dont know if it is one specific product that has given me such great results or the technique, but I'm sooo pleased. I plan to deep condition again when I wash my hair this weekend. This time I wont be using the hydrating mask as that was a little .99 packet from Sally's. For renewing my Sally's Member Card, I got a free Silk Effects product so I picked up their Intensive Conditioner. I believe it has silk proteins. I've been wondering about the porosity of my hair and think that maybe I could use a little protein but I dont think I need the heavy hitting Apoghee Treatment that I picked up the other week. So this weekend I'll do a round with that and see if it's the method or the ingredients.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Knowing when I'm ready.....

I was browsing around the natural hair world and stumbled across an article at ManeandChic. She outlines some points that she felt were important to determine whether or not one is ready to big chop. I went thru each of her points and noted where I am or how I feel about each one.


When you're ready. You don't want to regret doing it too soon.
What is ready? How is ‘ready’ defined? Lol…. I can be implulsive at times. Some days I’m ready, others, I’m not sure. I'm anxious to see my natural hair and get started with growing it out.

When you're comfortable with the length you will lose. Your relaxed ends are weighing down your hair, be prepared to lose a lot of length not only due to the cut, but to shrinkage.
Am I comfortable with the length that will be left after shrinkage? No. I know I'm not. I clipped a teensy little piece in the front so I'd have a way to guage growth accounting for shrinkage. No ma'am. Not ready at all....

When you're tired of dealing with the line of difference. It can be annoying and if you're having a lot of difficulty here or are rushing through detangling, you might consider the Big Chop.
I am indeed tired of dealing with the two textures. I just really want to comb my hair and not be all extra careful around the demarcation line when detangling. Detangling the straight ends is becoming a hassle as my hair grows out. It’s not completely unreasonable though so I could tough it out a bit longer.

When you're tired of dealing with the different textures. If you feel like you want to simplify your hair routine, it would help to not have to deal with the drastically different textures. .......
Yes please! I would love to simplify my routine. I’d love for my knot outs to be uniform and not have straggly straight ends attached that don’t want to fall in line and curl. I’m interesting in the wash n go. I realize that it’s not really a go after you wash but I currently can not leave my house without my hair being ‘set’ and drying overnight or all day. The freedom of leaving the house with wet/damp hair that simply has product in it that I’ve finger styled is highly appealing.

When you've figured out how you're going to do it: are you going to do it? a close friend? or are you going to a salon?
Eh…I keep flip flopping. If I wait and chop after I leave Pittsburgh, then I have two options: Do it myself with my husband helping me OR drive down to Houston, TX and go to a natural hair care salon with my best friend there to document the process and hold my hand if need be. I'm not considering walking into a salon blindly in my new city and letting someone I don't know nor have heard about do my BC. If I did a salon, I'd like it to be a major natural hair salon. I do like the idea of doing it with my husband. He's been an integral part of my journey thus far.
Prayerfully he won't jack up the back of my head, lol. I'm leaning more towards the do it myself option as I want him involved.

When you're prepared. Have you done your research? Do you have the products and tools you will need to be natural?
I feel pretty prepared. I’ve read A LOT. Watched a lot of YouTube videos. I’ve started a routine that may need little to no tweaking once I’ve BC’d. I’ve got some products. I’ve read reaction after reaction of other’s BC to be aware of some of the emotions I may experience. The things left that I would like to purchase are along the lines of accessories: small rods, hair bands, clips, combs to smoothing back sides, a few more banging pair of earrings. But none of those are necessities for my regimen.

These were some good points. I'll revisit them every once and awhile to see how the answers might change. Right now, according to these points I am not ready. But I'm getting close!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Transitioning from the Significant Other's POV

One of the factors that played heavily into my decision to finally go natural was my husband. His opinion certainly matters...I could not in good conscious pursue natural hair without my primary supporter completely on board. I've flirted with the idea of natural hair for years. I've admired it on other women. Stared in awe at others curls and coils. Throughout the years we've been together, I've pointed out women with short, long, curly and kinky natural hair and asked: Do you like that? What if my hair looked like that? Over time my husband's horizons have broadened in regards to black women's hair.

Something I wanted to flesh out a bit is the idea that while I'm transitioning, he's 'transitioning' as well. So last night, I decided to 'interview' my husband about my process.

Questions I asked:

ME: In the past, what do you think/feel about natural hair overall?
HIM: Hmmm...not sure that I really thought about it much. I guess I thought that it was a look that only worked on some people. see someone and think, yeah, that looks good on her, but I didnt think that it would look good on everybody. doesn't make sense...I mean, it's your hair. Of course it would look right on you.

ME: What did you think when I told you that I was going to go natural?
HIM: Honestly? I didn't think you knew what you were getting in to. All the work that would be involved.
ME: ????? (in hindsight I understand this better bc it HAS been a lot of work. But I wonder how he knew that, lol.)

ME:Did you have any preconceived notions or have heard stereotypes about natural hair?
HIM: Stereotypes? Not really....well, maybe? I figured people with natural hair were trying to capture their African Heritage. Not conform to society.
At this point he also mentioned that he didnt realized that everybody had different textures and curl patterns. He thought all black people had the same 'black' texture.

ME:How do you think you'll feel once I cut my hair?
HIM: I don't know. I have no idea. Then he asked me: Why do you want to cut your hair? I took this to mean, why big chop? why not just grow my hair completely out before chopping? I told him that dealing with the 2 textures is difficult. They fight each other and breakage/damage happens. Not a good look. I also told him about not knowing my true texture and honestly just wanting to get rid of the straight hair to see what God gave me. To see how God intended for me to look.

We were in the car at the time and after this I judged that he'd had enough questioning about hair, lol. I did ask him that if I were to big chop myself would he help me. He answered 'Yes' without any hesitation.

So there it is...As time goes on I'll ask him for his thoughts here and there. If he says anything profound then I'll do another post. :)

It's a Wrap....

My hair was no better this morning. I got home last night about 10:30. Jumped in the shower. Then mixed up some additional jojoba oil and tea tree oil in my scalp spritz. Got in at the roots with that, massaged, pineappled (for what? i have no idea) and then off to bed.

I got an abandoned bird's nest this morning. At least the nest was habitable yesterday.

I planned to wear a hat but didn't like the way my black and white checkered hat looked with my graphic floral blouse. So black wrap it was.

The Results:

This is my lazy look. Thank heaven for my glasses or I would have looked completely blah. Days like this I dare not wear my contacts. I prefer something of interest going on around the face-if it's not colorful eyes, it's a bold the glasses are really making the look today!

Fruity Hair

I forgot to post pics of my very first pineapplettes.

I followed the method easily found on YouTube.

Here's what my first pinapples looked liked:

Me the following morning with bonnett in place:

Up close and very personal

After removing the bonnett:

Mmmhmmm....nice and smooooshed...

Disassembled puffs:

And the resulting style from this fruity maintenance:

I mix a little mineral foundation into my moisturizer to even skin tone so depending on the lighting, in some pictures I look a touch pale. I dont look like that off camera in real life! lol.

Really ran out of time so there aren't multiple angles here. I popped on the headband bc the front just isn't set for wearing free. I need to experiment with that so I'm not so dependent on headbands all the time.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


My hair is a nesty mess today. For reasons, I haven't figured out I lose curl definition on my Bantu Knot Outs in the back center of my head. It's just back there...having its own little moment while everything else is falling line. Including my nape, which, glory be- is growing! I've got to get some pictures of that area so that I can track its progress and confirm that it's not all in my head- something is indeed really happening back there.

I've failed my regimen this week. I should have cowashed last night but didn't. We got home a little after 9pm. I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and that was a wrap for me. I knew I was begging for trouble bc my Knot Out was on it's last legs. I'd reset it the night before with some leave in conditioner from Optimum Care. Hate that stuff. It makes my hair stiff. I think it's the protein in it. I threw it out yesterday, but saved it from the trash when I realized it was in a perfectly good spray bottle that I could reuse for my own concoctions. I'm thinking a moisturizing mist. Not sure what I'll put in it yet. I'm limited by the ingredients I currently have on hand. I'm thinking water (bc I haven't read a source yet that says there is a better moisturizer), aloe vera gel, jojoba oil. maybe a touch of glycerin...gotta check and make sure what I have is vegetable glycerin first. Oh, and several drops of Lavendar oil that I randomly bought at the Strip this past weekend.

Yeah, I'll mix that up tonite bc I want to moisturize my new growth more often and a spray mist would be easier. I just seems a bit dry at the roots.

Anyway, as expected, I took my hair out of it's mini pineapples and the middle was not cooperating at all. I decided to embrace it. Figuring there will be days when my natural hair won't cooperate either. I fluffed it to hide the parts and I put on my brown head band.

I hope that deep conditioning (still waiting on my heating cap-today is the earliest i can expect to receive it) will help that middle section sort itself out. I wonder if it's heat damaged. If so, would that affect the set? I'm also considering that maybe that hair needs to be trimmed. I read several times that if natural hair doesn't 'seal' by itself when you twist it that it needs trimming. Perhaps that's my issue?.... Maybe I need to set that section of my hair in smaller knots. Perhaps the way I'm currently setting it is too big so I lose all the definition when I fluff my hair out. I fluff by massaging at the roots along my parts and then pulling up slightly. I dont comb completely thru. Just lift it using my fingers as a 'pick'. I pull the ends apart with my fingers as I see fit.

I may rock this 'stale' knot out one more day. It will be interesting to see what I come up with tomorrow. I suspect I wont get home til after 9pm again bc i have ASL class tonite but I will moisturize!

Oh! While in Target on Tuesday night, I picked up Kinky Curly Knot Today! One of the 'high profile' leave in conditioners... Yeah, yeah....I wasn't planning to buy that and it certainly wasn't budgeted for but people are raving about this stuff....and I saw I'll give my impression of that once I try it out.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Aloe Vera Gel: Impression

After my first cowash, I set my hair in Bantu Knots. I decided to make these knots smaller than I'd been making them previously. I also planned to keep the first row intact to provide a natural headband effect.

I'd read that Aloe Vera Gel could be used a light styler. So instead of using the Aussie Moist conditioner (worried about dull hair again) I decided to try the AVG.
Omgosh...I'm always so tired when I finish my hair...seriously.

Here are the results:

1st Day:

2nd Day:

Saturday, I took the 1st row of knots out and wore a regular headband. No pictures of that though.

Each night I'd put my hair into mini 'pineapples' to maintain. I woke up Sunday morning to a bit of a fuzzy mess. We chose to watch church online this morning (our church live streams) but if I'd left the house this hair would have definitely went under a scarf. Although I appreciate the convenience in pineappling, currently during my transition this method will not maintain a style over 3 days. Though....I wash/cowash every 3/4 days so...I guess this isn't as big of a problem as I thought.

Anyway, blah blah blah...I'm supposed to be talking about my impression of the Aloe Vera Gel. It's 99% pure and I got it from Trader Joes, $2.99 for 12 ounces. That's a quarter/ounce. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer. The consistency is a watery gel. There's no smell. Not sticky or tacky. It honestly felt like putting thick water on my hair. I sealed with castor oil.

When I took my hair down, it felt good. Good definition. Moisturized. I think this is a great styling agent for the summer. I will definitely continue to use this in the future. I've also been using it as a facial moisturizer as my Oil of Olay has run out. I mixed a dab of tea tree oil in to help with facial blemishes. Works well.

And the point of it all.....

You know, all thoughts really keep coming around to this point: When? When to chop? I think about this several times a day.

This past Saturday, another tic went in the column for 'waiting'. My husband has accepted a position with a University. Currently, I've been in conversation with the dean and HR at said university regarding securing employment for myself. It's not cut and dry but there is a good possibility that I might be able to get a position there. What that position will be is the question.

So I've been thinking about interviewing with a TWA. I've seen a couple discussions online about this but how do I feel about it? right now I'm not sure. My feelings are mixed. I certainly have a part of me that says 'If they can't accept a TWA then it's not the place for me to work'. I do indeed feel that way. I also feel that 'in this economy, I need to secure a job. I dont need any distractions to the employer as I'm being interviewed'. Clearly these two feelings don't reconcile.

Should I hold off on the chop while I interview for jobs? What harm will waiting longer do? Wasn't that my original plan anyway before I got anxious and antsy and started consuming dozens of Youtube videos a day? Will eyebrows be raised if after I secure the job and then chop? One thing I do know is I will not be straightening my hair for the interview. I would wear it in a Bantu Knot Out since that's the set I currently do best. Here is my hair in a fresh bantu knot out:

I would stick with a black headband. I won't wear studs but I won't wear large earrings either. I have a small pair of earrings that drop down no more than an inch that were given to me by a Secret Santa some years ago.

If I'm rocking a TWA, I have no idea what I'd do with it, lol. Most tips for a TWA get into accessorizing and an interview isnt really the time to roll in with your peacock feathered headband. I'd probably wear a simple black headband, the slimmest one I could find. Right now when I wet my hair to check out its curl pattern then stretch it out, it shrinks back 50%. So even if I've got a solid 3/4 inches when I will probably still look like 1/2 inches of hair....unless twisting it will stretch it out for me.

Shoot, typing it out, knowing that I've never had very short hair and knowing that the reason I wanted to transition for a long time is so I wouldnt have to rock a TWA then maybe I should hold off and not chop til after a job has been secured. Then I'm not concerned about my confidence regarding my hair since I'm usually a ball of nerves in an interview anyway.

On the flip, isn't it JUST hair? Am I letting possible job interviews that I dont currently have determine what I do with my hair next week? Next month? That doesnt seem to make sense. Or...does it?

I dont know.

In the meantime, I've got an important appointment Monday morning. I plan to wear my hair in a Bantu Knot Out with a headband.

Deeper and Deeper.....

I just want to note that I just ordered my Hair Therapy heating cap. Courtesy of Amazon.

I'm especially pleased bc I'd been hunting from supplier to supplier looking for the cheapest shipping. Everybody had it listed for the same price give or take 4 cents so this was the only way to save. Found that Amazon seemed to be giving me the best deal on that for around $6 for ground shipping. BUT! BUT! Just now, I ordered it for no shipping costs! I do not know why, but there was no shipping and I'm elated!


The missing part of my regimen has been deep conditioning. I'm sooo exciting to get this cap bc it's cordless and I can do other stuff while deep conditioning instead of being tied down to a hood hair dryer. I also don't own one of those so deep conditioning wasn't really happening. I know that i could wet a towel and zap it in the microwave and then wear that around the house cumbersome. I could sleep with deep conditioner in my hair but the crinkle crinkle of the shower cap all night is annoying and hot. So....when I ran across the heating cap, the heavens parted and a solution was brought to my attention.

Hee hee.....i'm excited. It should be delivered sometime bw the 9th and 15th.

Cowashing- First time

Little delay in posting. I've been busy at work and just tired in the evenings. Got stuff on my mind in regards to the relocation, ect, ect, ect! Gah!

On to the hair!

This past Wednesday was my first time cowashing my hair. I used Aussie Moist Conditioner ($2.84 for a 13.5 oz bottle. That's 21 cents/ounce! Yeah!)I had no visible flakes-which is a major win in that department. To guage how my scalp was doing since I washed it Saturday, I lightly scratched it with a comb in the front. Flake, flake, flake. Sigh......unsure if it was dryness or the dermatitis/psoriasis/whatevertheheck. I decided to apply Apple Cider Vinegar to my hair and scrubbed that in with my fingertips.

What I do is jump into the shower. Wet my hair. Making sure it's good and saturated and begin massaging my scalp. I do this until I feel my curls and kinks completely revert. (Although I havent been using heat in the last couple of weeks, my hair seems to stretch into waves when I do my sets). Then I take my 3 ounce flip top travel bottle full of ACV and apply it to my roots. Kinda finger parting and squirting. Once I've got that good and applied, I finger massage/scrub, maybe a couple of minutes. I noticed that there is a point when my roots began to feel 'light' and 'fluffy'. I massage the scalp until I get to that point. I do not manipulate the hair.

Then I rinse until I can no longer smell the vinegar. I then applied a good half palmful of the Aussie Moist. I didn't feel bad at all for piling it on. 21 cents an ounce is a beautiful thing. I focused on the scalp at first, Massaging, massaging, massaging. Then when I 'felt that was enough' I moved down into my hair. Trying to be careful not to tangle it. I kinda squeezed my hands down the shaft. Then I detangled with my Goody detangling comb. I searched high and low last weekend for a shower comb with a hook on the end. Couldn't find one. That hook would make it so much easier to store my comb while I'm doing everything else. Anyway, my hair detangled well. I think Aussie Moist has decent slip in that department. I left the conditioner on my hair while I got all the other business done. Then finished off with a cool rinse.

After it was all said and done, I believe my hair was clean. It didnt feel dry. It felt decently conditioned. I dont believe I was dealing with much dirt but I felt that cowashing got rid of the build up I might have had from the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner that I used twice to set my hair as well as the castor oil I used to seal.

I will definitely cowash again. I plan to alternate between washing with shampoo on the weekends and cowashing with a conditioner midweek.

So I've been heat free since May 23. hmmm....that's it? lol, feels so much longer. My hair is responding well. I have only combed my hair when it's been wet with conditioner or wet with moisturizers. I've noticed way less shedding. Great! Things are going well. I guess my hair is growing. lol. When I checked about 10 days ago, the new growth in the very front was 2 inches. Though I think the newgrowth is a little longer in the middle, since the front has some breakage. But that could just be the relaxed ends gone. I'll recheck length beginning of July.

Touching my roots now in the front....feels thicker...i think? Not sure. Hope so. When my hair is relaxed, it's considered 'fine'. I can't used too much product or I have no body to my hair. I'm hoping that as a natural, I'm at least average. Fingers crossed, lol. I haven't done the test where you compare one strand of hair to 1/2 strand of thread yet. I keep forgetting. I should do that now while my mind is on it!

Til next time,


Coils Maybe?

This is another musing on my natural texture.....

I have spent most of the day with my left hand playing in my roots. The thickness of it. I can feel coils all throughout. Every since I stopped using the heat, it seems that my roots are reverting more and more. When I wash my hair, the back and middle of my head especially seems to erupt in super defined coils. I can feel them under my finger under the water. But I can't SEE them. I'm limited to what I can inspect after my shower in the front and sides of my head. I'm not certain but it seems that some definition is lost as my hair dries....

I'm hoping what I'm feeling is giving me some inclination toward what my hair is like. Though I have read in multiple places that your hair changes so much within the first month, 6 months, and year of being 100% natural.

There is the 'shock' that your natural hair experiences after the Big Chop. Many report very very dry hair afterwards. There is mention of 'crispy ends'. I'm sooo glad to know this. Knowing that this is a common experience will keep me from panicking after I chop. I feel confident that I'm in this for the long haul. I do not think uncoopertaive hair will drive me to the crack within the first 30 days. If I can't figure it out and I'm too baffled, I'll just get some kinky twists put in and deal with my hair later.

Whatever is going on up there, I want to embrace it. Truly. I want to learn to love with it. Accept it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is that it?

Morning Morning....

whew....i am NOT feeling it today. not in the least. ergo the blogging.

primarily what's on my mind is the braid out I did Saturday night. I wore it to church Sunday. Rocked it on Memorial Day. I took a nap on Monday evening and i just put a satin bonnet on it while I was sleeping. Took that off and it looked a bit fuzzy. That night I rebraided my hair, used my Tea Tree Tingle conditioner and sealed with castor oil. Pretty much reset the style. Tuesday, I wore the braid out to work but it was definitely lacking shine. In fact it was certifiably dull. I'm wondering if the use of the conditioner contributed to that. by the end of the day I was not feeling my hair at all but I got home late and didn't feel like washing my hair....

Gah! regimin already derailed....was supposed to try cowashing it Tuesday night.

So today, it's wrapped under a brown scarf. Originally was going to wear a hat but the hat just wasn't playing well with the Olive jacket and Brown skirt I'm wearing today. so scarf it is.

3 that all I can expect from my transitioning hair? surely not....i think i messed up using the conditioner to retwist. I probably should have just spritzed with a little water to reactivate what was already in my hair.

I have no photos of my braid out after the fuzz and dull attacked. let it be known that it wasn't a good look.

Last night after I said that I didnt feel like cowashing my hair, my husband asked me how often do I need to wash it. Man, I have no idea. I think my scalp would prefer 3-4 days. At the end of the day yesterday I started to feel a bit itchy so I applied my scalp healer last night before throwing on my bonnet.

Tonight I will try to cowash. I'm on the fence as to whether I should use vinegar or not. If I use vinegar, will still be considered a cowash? I think the castor oil may need some help getting washed my hair is dull, dull, dull so clarifying seems smart. But I dont want to dry out my hair and scalp......we'll see.