Thursday, June 9, 2011


My hair is a nesty mess today. For reasons, I haven't figured out I lose curl definition on my Bantu Knot Outs in the back center of my head. It's just back there...having its own little moment while everything else is falling line. Including my nape, which, glory be- is growing! I've got to get some pictures of that area so that I can track its progress and confirm that it's not all in my head- something is indeed really happening back there.

I've failed my regimen this week. I should have cowashed last night but didn't. We got home a little after 9pm. I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and that was a wrap for me. I knew I was begging for trouble bc my Knot Out was on it's last legs. I'd reset it the night before with some leave in conditioner from Optimum Care. Hate that stuff. It makes my hair stiff. I think it's the protein in it. I threw it out yesterday, but saved it from the trash when I realized it was in a perfectly good spray bottle that I could reuse for my own concoctions. I'm thinking a moisturizing mist. Not sure what I'll put in it yet. I'm limited by the ingredients I currently have on hand. I'm thinking water (bc I haven't read a source yet that says there is a better moisturizer), aloe vera gel, jojoba oil. maybe a touch of glycerin...gotta check and make sure what I have is vegetable glycerin first. Oh, and several drops of Lavendar oil that I randomly bought at the Strip this past weekend.

Yeah, I'll mix that up tonite bc I want to moisturize my new growth more often and a spray mist would be easier. I just seems a bit dry at the roots.

Anyway, as expected, I took my hair out of it's mini pineapples and the middle was not cooperating at all. I decided to embrace it. Figuring there will be days when my natural hair won't cooperate either. I fluffed it to hide the parts and I put on my brown head band.

I hope that deep conditioning (still waiting on my heating cap-today is the earliest i can expect to receive it) will help that middle section sort itself out. I wonder if it's heat damaged. If so, would that affect the set? I'm also considering that maybe that hair needs to be trimmed. I read several times that if natural hair doesn't 'seal' by itself when you twist it that it needs trimming. Perhaps that's my issue?.... Maybe I need to set that section of my hair in smaller knots. Perhaps the way I'm currently setting it is too big so I lose all the definition when I fluff my hair out. I fluff by massaging at the roots along my parts and then pulling up slightly. I dont comb completely thru. Just lift it using my fingers as a 'pick'. I pull the ends apart with my fingers as I see fit.

I may rock this 'stale' knot out one more day. It will be interesting to see what I come up with tomorrow. I suspect I wont get home til after 9pm again bc i have ASL class tonite but I will moisturize!

Oh! While in Target on Tuesday night, I picked up Kinky Curly Knot Today! One of the 'high profile' leave in conditioners... Yeah, yeah....I wasn't planning to buy that and it certainly wasn't budgeted for but people are raving about this stuff....and I saw I'll give my impression of that once I try it out.

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