Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cowashing- First time

Little delay in posting. I've been busy at work and just tired in the evenings. Got stuff on my mind in regards to the relocation, ect, ect, ect! Gah!

On to the hair!

This past Wednesday was my first time cowashing my hair. I used Aussie Moist Conditioner ($2.84 for a 13.5 oz bottle. That's 21 cents/ounce! Yeah!)I had no visible flakes-which is a major win in that department. To guage how my scalp was doing since I washed it Saturday, I lightly scratched it with a comb in the front. Flake, flake, flake. Sigh......unsure if it was dryness or the dermatitis/psoriasis/whatevertheheck. I decided to apply Apple Cider Vinegar to my hair and scrubbed that in with my fingertips.

What I do is jump into the shower. Wet my hair. Making sure it's good and saturated and begin massaging my scalp. I do this until I feel my curls and kinks completely revert. (Although I havent been using heat in the last couple of weeks, my hair seems to stretch into waves when I do my sets). Then I take my 3 ounce flip top travel bottle full of ACV and apply it to my roots. Kinda finger parting and squirting. Once I've got that good and applied, I finger massage/scrub, maybe a couple of minutes. I noticed that there is a point when my roots began to feel 'light' and 'fluffy'. I massage the scalp until I get to that point. I do not manipulate the hair.

Then I rinse until I can no longer smell the vinegar. I then applied a good half palmful of the Aussie Moist. I didn't feel bad at all for piling it on. 21 cents an ounce is a beautiful thing. I focused on the scalp at first, Massaging, massaging, massaging. Then when I 'felt that was enough' I moved down into my hair. Trying to be careful not to tangle it. I kinda squeezed my hands down the shaft. Then I detangled with my Goody detangling comb. I searched high and low last weekend for a shower comb with a hook on the end. Couldn't find one. That hook would make it so much easier to store my comb while I'm doing everything else. Anyway, my hair detangled well. I think Aussie Moist has decent slip in that department. I left the conditioner on my hair while I got all the other business done. Then finished off with a cool rinse.

After it was all said and done, I believe my hair was clean. It didnt feel dry. It felt decently conditioned. I dont believe I was dealing with much dirt but I felt that cowashing got rid of the build up I might have had from the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner that I used twice to set my hair as well as the castor oil I used to seal.

I will definitely cowash again. I plan to alternate between washing with shampoo on the weekends and cowashing with a conditioner midweek.

So I've been heat free since May 23. hmmm....that's it? lol, feels so much longer. My hair is responding well. I have only combed my hair when it's been wet with conditioner or wet with moisturizers. I've noticed way less shedding. Great! Things are going well. I guess my hair is growing. lol. When I checked about 10 days ago, the new growth in the very front was 2 inches. Though I think the newgrowth is a little longer in the middle, since the front has some breakage. But that could just be the relaxed ends gone. I'll recheck length beginning of July.

Touching my roots now in the front....feels thicker...i think? Not sure. Hope so. When my hair is relaxed, it's considered 'fine'. I can't used too much product or I have no body to my hair. I'm hoping that as a natural, I'm at least average. Fingers crossed, lol. I haven't done the test where you compare one strand of hair to 1/2 strand of thread yet. I keep forgetting. I should do that now while my mind is on it!

Til next time,


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