Thursday, June 16, 2011


I just had my best hair day yet while transitioning!

Wednesday night, I washed hair with Tea Tree Tingle; detangled with Tea Tree Tingle. Deep Conditioned with Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Masque (It's not on the site yet, I was told it was new. Here is a link to the regular conditioner.) under my new Heat Therapy Wrap for about 45 mins. Applied Kinky Curly Knot Today (KKKT). Used Lustrasilk setting lotion (the one I hate) and sealed with castor oil. Set hair in bantu knots. hair is soooo soft today. Easily the softest it's been since I began transitioning. My hair wasnt quite dry this morning so I had to use the blow dryer.:( The top curls/knots which are my longest layers are not as curly as I'd like but, I've got good definition and most of all my hair is not FRIZZY. This is pretty major. I had accepted that frizz was just part of the program as I transition. I'd even went as far as to characterize my natural hair, especially in the center below the crown, as frizzy.

Also, Also, when I applied the KKKT my roots exploded with definition. Small corkscrews of varying size were all over. They range from penspring to slightly smaller than a pencil. Previously I thought I had about 50% shrinkage....I think I'll go further with that and peg me anywhere between 60-70%. If I leave my roots alone, they shrink nice and tight up on themselves. The definition was definitely lost as my hair air dried. So I better understand the need to put something on the hair, like a gel or something to maintain the defined look but I dont know about the shrinkage. I dont know how I'm going to get the hair stretched AND maintain my natural definition.

So where are the pictures? Blah, Blah, Blah with all the words..LET ME SEEEEEEEEE:

The few pics I shot of the front view looked goofy. After I got to work,I realized I needed to use bobby pins to shape the front top a bit but never did...bc...frankly I was lazy and didn't feel like going down the hall to the bathroom just to deal with my hair.

Now, I dont know if it is one specific product that has given me such great results or the technique, but I'm sooo pleased. I plan to deep condition again when I wash my hair this weekend. This time I wont be using the hydrating mask as that was a little .99 packet from Sally's. For renewing my Sally's Member Card, I got a free Silk Effects product so I picked up their Intensive Conditioner. I believe it has silk proteins. I've been wondering about the porosity of my hair and think that maybe I could use a little protein but I dont think I need the heavy hitting Apoghee Treatment that I picked up the other week. So this weekend I'll do a round with that and see if it's the method or the ingredients.

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