Friday, June 10, 2011

Fruity Hair

I forgot to post pics of my very first pineapplettes.

I followed the method easily found on YouTube.

Here's what my first pinapples looked liked:

Me the following morning with bonnett in place:

Up close and very personal

After removing the bonnett:

Mmmhmmm....nice and smooooshed...

Disassembled puffs:

And the resulting style from this fruity maintenance:

I mix a little mineral foundation into my moisturizer to even skin tone so depending on the lighting, in some pictures I look a touch pale. I dont look like that off camera in real life! lol.

Really ran out of time so there aren't multiple angles here. I popped on the headband bc the front just isn't set for wearing free. I need to experiment with that so I'm not so dependent on headbands all the time.


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