Monday, May 30, 2011

Tea Tree Tingle: Impression

Saturday I washed, conditioned, and set my hair using Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner. I purchased them from Trader Joe's for 3.99 per bottle. Each bottle has 16 oz of product. Roughly .25 per ounce.

Both products share the same light 'fresh herbal' scent. I'm very familiar to the smell of tea tree oil which can be a bit overwhelming to those not initiated. The tea tree oil aroma here is light. The peppermint blends with the tea tree to 'freshen' it up. I did not find the scent to linger afterwards.

My first impression of the Shampoo: Very light. Completely clear. In fact, I had to squint to see it come out the bottle bc it blended in with the water from the shower so well. It does lather. A clean lather not moisture rich. I was expecting some kind of cooling sensation. What I got was a very light tingle. I felt it more when I shampooed the second time. Once I rinsed, my hair felt very clean. In fact there was a slight 'squeak'. Next, I applied the conditioner. It was similiar to a light whipped lotion. I did not notice a tingle with this product at all. It did have decent 'slip' so I was able to detangle with little problem. Directions stated to leave on for 3-5 minutes so I completed my shower routine then turned down the water temperature and rinsed. My hair felt clean and there was no squeak whatsoever so it did indeed moisturize. Since I'd washed my hair 3 days before, I probably overdid it with the 2nd shampoo.

CurlyNikki stated that the conditioner could also be used as a Styling agent. I decided to do my first braid out and used the Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner as a leave in/ setting lotion. I sealed each plait with castor oil then rolled my hair on foam rollers (they are lined with satin). I let my hair air dry.

Castor Oil's medical use is a stimulant laxative. I got it from Walmart. I'm not sure how much ricinoleic acid is in it which I believe is the good stuff in Castor Oil that makes it the bomm. My Walmart Castor Oil had no additional additives. First impression: THICK. It's almost clear. Slight yellow tinge and came out the bottle fairly slowly...the consistency reminded me of molasses. I'd be scared to turn this bottle up *shudders* My stomach is quite sensitive and this would probably have me house bound for days. I did not like the application of castor oil. It was tacky and kinda sticky. I've used coconut oil as my sealant in the past and the two do not compare in texture and ease of application. I was quite skeptical but stuck it out and applied it to each section before I braided. After the 3rd braid, I mixed a dab of conditioner on my finger before dabbing the castor oil. That helped out a lot with application. A lot less sticky feeling.

I was so tired when I finished. I'm gonna have to build up stamina for these hair sessions...

Sunday morning when I took the rollers out and the braids down my hair was indeed soft. The castor oil had sealed my hair very well and it felt nicely moisturized and not overly greasy. There was a oil residue left on my fingers as I undid the braids but i just rubbed that into my hands. Playing with the amount I apply might eliminate that issue. My hair no longer felt sticky or tacky. The braid out was very well defined and last all day. Soft, glossy, perfectly defined hair. No frizz. I will definitely use the castor oil in the future.

I took these pictures several hours after I took the braids out. Finished style:

"Diva" lol....

I actually had a few pics of me smiling...until I realized that my Sunday dinner was stuck squarely bw my teeth. Not a good look. I will refrain from immortalizing myself that way.

'Kitchen' shot is bc I can't quite figure out what texture my 'kitchen' actually is! Sometimes that area slightly rolls up in a soft 'O-curl'. I wonder if that qualifies it as a 'bead'? Soon as I touch it, it dissolves. Most of the time, the hair back there is free form. not really curling or coiling or anything. This hair isnt permed. When I had my last relaxer, this part was shaved. Perhaps this area has heat damage? Quite possible as I only went off heat a few weeks ago. I've been frying that hair back there straight, weekly. Tsk, tsk, tsk....Once I start deep conditioning maybe it will curl up....

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