Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A bit Rusty.......'s long?

yeah, gonna start up the old blog routine again. in the past i've blogged about weightloss (40lbs that i somehow gained back last year. what!?!?) and about being broke and getting married. i've locked those up a while ago. the lady blogging then...she's a different lady now. perhaps i'll unlock them in the future...perhaps not. i haven't deleted those other 2 there is hope, lol. its been a few years but i've got some stuff to say...and the blogging, it helps get it out of me.

primarily what's on my mind right now is natural hair. in particular my transition. i've been relaxer free since Dec 3, 2010. i'm rolling up on 6 months.

originally i was certain i would be transitioning for a solid year. do the big chop in December 2011 more or less around my birthday.....but since going 'heat free' just this past weekend (May 21-22, 2011) I don't know.....things are poofy. soft and poofy. i've been rocking a bantu knot out for the last 4 days and i'm wondering about my committment to the year transition. frankly, i'm thinking it would be easier to get rid of these straight ends sooner rather than later.

gah....'they' were right. 'they' all say 'just cut it off' and i'm a little irritated to find that....'they' just might be right, lol. 'they' being the general consensus when you ask Google how to manage during your transition. 'They' start with a couple tips about wearing your hair in various sets then eventually end with or cut it all off, lol.

I'll be back in another post (probably later today) about my hair and other stuff. But yeah, i'm back....i'm blogging....i've missed it.

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