Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pushing boundaries….

Today I’m pushing myself past my comfort zone….well I’m pushing myself some more past my comfort zone by attaching a 5 inch flower to my twist out. I reset my hair last night by spritzing on leave in conditioner (nothing good. Just some old optimum care I’ve had forever going to whole foods this weekend in order to pick up some products suitable for my coils/curls/whatever is going on up there) then using the previous setting lotion (lustrasilk moisture max- hate) to retwist the Bantu knots. They looked better today. Had more volume. The twist outs up top look great. A touch frizzy bc I kept bothering them in an effort to create more volume and ‘presence’. So much better than the limp spaghettis I had yesterday. The back…well….its back there. For some reason I’m not retaining the definition after I untwist those. I’m wondering if it’s bc the hair back there is already pretty short, so when I separate the twist further in an effort to blur the parts then it just get fuzzy and you can’t tell what its doing. It just isn’t straight. Eh…..i’m rolling with it which is sooo much easier to do when you can’t see it. I just forget it’s back there.

So I popped on a tan and brown head band but I didn’t like the way that looked so I put on a Goody Ouchless black band and then pinned the flower I normally attach to jackets and tops to my hair. This is a little much for me. I’m accustomed to making statements with my makeup and jewelry. Not hair accessories. Lol….but I think it works. It’s a BIG flower. 5 in diameter. No missing it. When I first came into work, the security guard looked puzzled. When I got up to the 4th floor where my office is I got some stares but no one actually said anything. Hmmmm……ok, I’m working on just’ doing me’ and not caring what they might be thinking. It does help that I’m leaving. Lord knows that helps. I’m a work in progress though.

Speaking of which, one of my other coworkers in my office is leaving. She put in her resignation today. She has known since before I started working here in March of ’10 that she was relocating. Her husband is a doctor and got a fellowship in a different state. Although I knew that I would more than likely be relocating as well round about the same time I didn’t say anything bc I didn’t have anything in stone and I don’t have a ‘close’ relationship with my colleagues. She has been very vocal about it for several months and now she’s just flat out thrilled to be leaving and isn’t doing much to hide the fact. I’m thrilled as well of course. But I’m still playing the game til I put in my own resignation 4 weeks from today. I’ll be leaving 2 weeks after her. I should start typing that….i like to have it ready well in advance.

When I put in my resignation I’ll talk more about my experience at this current job. But for now I’ll leave it be. I’m sure there wont be any visitors here til I leave anyway….but you never know.

So anyway…the big old flower in my hair. It’s fabric. I got it from LB on super clearance for 2.99. it’s Big….not as large as some I guess but it’s easily on par with the flower I wore in my hair for my wedding. Which I felt was big as well but it was my wedding so dramatic flair was what I was shooting for.

It seems that I have this flamboyant part of my personality but I’m also a bit reserved so I’m always trying to balance the two. Gotta have a bit of flair to satisfy but not too much that i want to run a hide. I feel a little bit like running today, lol.

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