Friday, May 27, 2011

Regimen? What regimen?

woo boy.....10 minutes of poking around a natural hair site and you'll run into the word 'Regimen'. It seems this is the first thing you should get sorted on your natural hair journey.... didnt really have one. no real set cleansing routine. barely a night routine-I faithfully tied it up at night but that it. didn't put anything on it. I haphazardly greased/conditioned my scalp. there was no deep conditioning....I's a wonder all my relaxed hair hasnt fallen off my head if those cries of 'Regimen' 'Regimen' have anything to say about it. wasnt until about a month or so ago when in desperation I began seeking out information bc I had so much new growth that my old regimen of whatever shampoo and conditioner are under the cabinet was not cutting it. at. all.

I have severe dry scalp issues. some kind of dermatitis or psoriasis. it's ridiculous. it can flare up so bad sometimes that I give up and wear a scarf over my hair bc I can't deal. yet another reason to get things sorted out. the quicker the better.

I want healthy hair. I want to ease my transition. I want optimal growth. I really really need to get my scalp into better condition! clearly I need to fall in line with the program.

So first, what I was doing:

Apply Apple Cider vinegar to scalp
Shampoo with Pantene Relaxed and Natural Shampoo
Condition with Nexxus Humectress
Grease scalp with KeraCare Dry Itchy Scalp glossifier
For flat ironing: IC Hair Straightening Polisher
No Heat: Protectiv Growth Lotion and Mega Growth Oil, Lustrasilk Setting Lotion

I started with this post from CurlyNikki - I printed it out and took it with me when I got off work early this Friday. I was sooo very thankful that CN took the extra time to note where you could purchase the products in brick and mortar stores. I chose to begin with those products to keep it easy and hopefully affordable since I was pretty much replacing every hair product I was using. I also tried to pick products that would be multi purpose. I started at Trader Joe's with the plan being to head from there over to Whole Foods, then to Sally's. After dropping more than half of my hair budget in Trader's, I just swung by Sally's and Walmart. No sense tempting myself in Whole Foods with some boutique-y products I can't afford right now.

Here's my loot:

Trader Joe's
Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo 3.99
Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner 3.99
Vitamin E Oil 3.99
Tea Tree Oil 6.49
Jojoba Oil 6.99
99% Aloe Vera Gel 2.99
Organic Raw Honey 5.99

APHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment 3.79
EcoStyler Olive Oil 4.79
Rattail Comb 1.29
Applicator Bottle 1.89
Keychain Spray Bottle 0.99

Aussie Moist Conditioner 2.84
Castor Oil 2.76

Total Spent on Hair Products: $52.78

Sometime on Saturday I plan to start a new regimen. I'll do the protein treatment and use all my new products.

Friday night I mixed up my own little batch of Scalp Healer. I just made that name up. I have no idea what I'm doing.

In the new Applicator Bottle I put

1 oz Jojoba Oil
1 oz Vitamin E Oil
.25 oz Tea Tree Oil
.25 oz Olive Oil

Shake, Shake, Shake....I presume this should last me at least a full week more than likely longer. I am not sure if I'll apply it nightly or every other night. I just put some on about an hour ago. just drew a few lines here and there on my scalp and massaged it in for about 2 mins (will have to work my way up to 10min). I was expecting it to tingle but it's not really (probably need to pick up some peppermint oil for that effect). It honestly feels as if the oil is going to run off my scalp onto my face and neck, but several checks have proven that not to be the case. So it's not a tingle but there is definitely a sensation.

I'm off to pineapplette my hair (have pics! will post soon!) CN's advice is to stick with your regimen for 3 weeks, journal, take pics, and then access your situation. So that's what I'm gonna try to do.


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