Saturday, March 24, 2012

What I did.....

On Friday the 23rd, I washed my hair in twists w Giovanni Deeper Moisture shampoo. My scalp was itching and I didn't want it to get out of hand like last month when I scratched until I broke the skin and had scabs.

I focused on my scalp and only ran my hands down the length of twists. I rinsed then applied the matching conditioner. I let that sit while I bathed then rinsed.

I chose not to deep condition my hair this time. I was tired and really didn't feel like it. I also needed to go by the duplexes that we are trying to get into so I unraveled the twists which were very fuzzy. the roots were not clumped at all. I applied 2 pumps of Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner. I chose not to seal with any oil bc I didn't know what my end game was going to be. I pinned either side up with a comb and left the house.

I guess I can call this look a wash n fro. Since I didn't define my texture. There was some definition but I'm not sure if it was my hair pattern or bc I washed in twists. I would try this method again.

I noticed some flaking caught in my hair due to dry scalp. Very annoying. While out my fro shrank up as it dried. By the time i came home it was 95% dry. I applied a coconut oil w rosemary oil mixture to my scalp for dryness. I haven't done that in several weeks. I left my hair like this all day while wearing a bonnet. I refreshed it before picking up my husband with a spray bottle of Aloe Vera juice, water, and a touch of olive oil.

At night before bed, I sectioned my hair, spritzed with my Aloe Vera mix, applied Beautiful Textures detangling leave-in and detangled. Then I moisturized with my Shea Moisture. I barely sealed some ends. I'm running low on my castor/coconut mixture. I set my hair in flat twist via a tutorial I watched from blakizbeautiful. I think this process took me an hour+. Tied up my hair with a satin scarf then covered w a bonnet.

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