Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flat twist out

Last wash day (Friday the 23rd), after my wash n fro, I set my hair in flat twist. Four days later, no retwisting, here's what it looks like.

Another day later, no retwisting, after showering with no shower cap and applying some coconut oil:

I'm getting more into the non-defined look. I still prefer definition from some sort of set but when my hair clouds up a bit and looks more indistinct I still think it looks cool versus thinking it looks a mess and I need to reset it. I believe spending more time looking at pictures of people with undefined styled hair has helped broaden my outlook.

When I wear my wash n fro, I'm more self conscious of how short it shrinks versus the actual texture. Next summer, I'll definitely rock that style a lot as my hair should be longer and I like how quick and carefree it is.

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