Monday, July 11, 2011

How I wear it.......

This will be a picture heavy post as I need to dump some pictures that profile how my hair has been looking for the last month or so....I missed some days of documenting but I feel that what I have is a good depiction of how I've been rocking my hair daily.

All style below are Bantu Knot Outs. I'm considering trying some braid outs after my last day of work.....July 15th. But for now...I've stuck with what works and looks good (most of the time). I've gotten bored with them so I'm definitely looking forward to mastering something else.

Bought this headband from Sally's. I believe it was $6.99

Brown Goody's headband from Walmart

Black scarf worn as headband. I allowed the tails to fall down my back. Bought this from Walmart too.

This was on a very tired knot out. I originally thought I was gonna have to wrap my hair up this day but I played with it and it didn't come out half bad.

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